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You can watch an instructional video here
  1. I am entering a model number (MN) and/or Serial Number (SN) but no results are coming up.
    Please ensure that the SN or MN you are using is correct and belongs to one of our Water Sourced Heat Pump (WSHP) products. This generator is only compatible with WSHP Units. Units manufactured after April 1st, 2014 have SN’s which are 26 digits long. For example, 2940-658-000001-7735052404. Current model numbers are 40 digits long. For example; EC096-3VTC-FFTBUA-XATXXXXXX7XXXX3BXXXSBA. For legacy products, the SN can be 26, 8 or 9 digits long. For example, 3540-104-000003-T111M41207, RG122245 or SM133830T. If you have verified the MN and/or SN and are still not getting results, please contact us at Should you have any inquiries regarding spare parts or availability, email or call our customer service team at (800) 283-3787.
  2. Do I need to know all of the digits in the model or SN?
    When searching by SN, yes you will need the complete SN of the unit. When looking by model number, you can shorten the search. We recommend providing at least the first 10 digits of any given model. For example, SM048-1VTC.
  3. Can I order parts via the spare parts generator (SPG)?
    No, the SPG is intended to find part numbers and list price for spare parts of a unit and to create a list of those spare parts. We have not integrated an order processing system into the website. To order parts, please consult your local rep or distributor.
  4. Can I also check availability online?
    Yes! Availability is now listed in the column labeled Qty on Hand. Please note that this is updated twice a day. If you see low quantities it is recommended you call customer service to verify availability.
  5. Can I check for warranty status?
    Yes, only for our Water-Sourced heat pump (WSHP) products. You will need the SN of the unit and can enter it at the link above labeled warranty. For 2940 serial numbers it will only show the base warranty included with the unit. For 3540 and all other serial numbers it will show the extended warranty.
  6. Should I look up parts by MN or SN?
    We recommend doing a search with the SN of unit when looking up a water source heat pump. This will give you the exact replacement parts derived from the components that were used to manufacture the unit. When doing a search by MN, it will give you broader results because of all the options available for a specific model and because we may change components used in our units from time to time, it may not reflect what the unit was originally manufactured with. When looking up an air to air product you will have to look it up using the model number. You can find instructions and the list of model numbers in the instructions link above.
  7. Why are filters not showing prices?
    We do not sell filters but keep it listed in the spare parts list to provide their dimensions.